David M-

Lynn is a natural Medium, meaning connecting to those in Spirit comes naturally to her. I went to see Lynn because my bicep was killing me. She scanned my body with her hands and told me some problems she sensed. I agreed but my bicep with still in terrible pain. As she continued to scan my body with her hands and got closer to my bicep the pain got even worse! I told myself, "I can't take it anymore, I have to get up!" Just then out of nowhere Lynn's hand moved over my right bicep and applied pressure exactly on the spot where the pain was. After a few moments she let go and the pain left too.

It has been several years since that session with Lynn and the pain has never returned. I am blown away by the accuracy of Lynn's ability. She really has been blessed with a gift. 

Laura M-

I recently had a long distance phone session with Lynn. She began by tuning into my auric field sensing blockages in certain areas of my body. She described in detail traumas I had experienced as a child.  She connected with both my father and grandfather giving details and describing them. She went on to retrieve a soul piece that I had lost due to trauma, as she described, at age 6 bringing it back home to me. This was right on. My session with Lynn was a profound healing experience. I look forward to connecting with Lynn again.

Sherry S-

The work that I did with Lynn was transformative! With her loving, grounding and sincere guidance I was able to move through one of the more difficult times in my life with a deeper understanding of the "Why me?" And utilize the difficulty for a greater purpose. Lynn is present and loving in her healing gifts and that strength of presence helped me to find the same within myself. Thank you for your many gifts Lynn.

Ilana M-

Lynn's intrinsic connection and deep understanding of spiritual knowledge on all tiers is profound and highly evolved, masterfully shared and humbly received.  I have experienced and observed firsthand her multifaceted abilities to access the universal library for guiding and healing those who are ready and willing to take the steps toward healing physically, mentally and spiritually, awakening to their soul's purpose.  Lynn's skilled techniques in all areas of her work and teaching are kind, gentle and comprehensive.

Seniel H-

At a time in my life when I was hopeless the sessions I had with Lynn gave me hope. She creates an incredibly relaxing and inviting experience. The time I spent with Lynn left me feeling empowered and with a true sense of healing. The passion for what Lynn does is intoxicating and makes for the best experience possible.

Anne A-

Spending time with Lynn is absolutely good for your soul.