Elevate Body & Aura Sprays combine Essential oils, crystals, reiki charged


"I have been making and using these sprays in my holistic healing practice for the past ten years. I am so thrilled to now make them available to you. My sprays combine essential oils, crystals and are blessed with Reiki energy and a Theta healing sound process. Namaste, Lynn"


Smokeless Smudge Body/aura spray with Reiki Healing Crystal

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(Use as an alternative to burning Sage and for those bothered by smoke.

Uses: Burning sage has been used throughout the ages in cleansing ceremonies by Shamans and healers this is known as Smudging. It is used for Clearing, Protecting and Grounding your home, work space, your energy field, a pet or an object. 

This powerful combination of sage and blended essential oils, reiki blessings and a smokey quartz crystal is a perfect tool to clear any negative energy and restore balance. Use directly on body for an earthy blessed aroma as an all natural body spray. Perfect for travelling and for those sensitive to other people's energy. Makes a powerful healing ritual when followed by Manifest Spray.

Ingredients; Therapeutic grade essential oils of; Clary Sage, Cypress, Marjoram, Basil, Peppermint, Grapefruit and Lavender in Reiki charged purified water. Contains a genuine smokey quartz crystal.

100% Pure, Organic, Non-GMO, VEGAN

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MANIFEST BODY & AURA SPRAY with Reiki Healing Crystal

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Manifest Spray  - 4 oz

Uses: This loving combination of freshly scented essential oils, reiki blessings and powerful rose quartz crystal assist in Manifesting Love, Prosperity, Healing and Joy. Spray as you set your intention/wish. Use in auric field, in your home, on your pillow or directly on your body for a truly uplifting experience and a wonderful all natural body spray. Restore balance and raises the vibration.

Ask yourself, "What do you want to attract more of into your life? What will you to Manifest?"

Ingredients; Therapeutic grade essential oils of; Eucalyptus, Melaleuca, Lemon Peel, Laurel, Cardamom Seed, Peppermint, Ravinstara in reiki charged purified water. Contains a genuine rose quartz crystal.

100%  Pure, Organic, Non-GMO, VEGAN.

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Get $5.00 OFF when you buy any two bottles. First use Smokeless Smudge to clear and ground then follow with Manifest Spray as you set your intention/wish of bringing in Love, Prosperity, Healing and Joy. 

Perfect gift set for teachers, nurses, practitioners, housewarming, hostess gift, those who are facing challenges in their lives like illness/surgery, divorce. Great to help shift a troubled or stuck relationship. Use in AM and PM for best results.

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Any two bottles $44.95 

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Body & Aura Spray with Reiki Healing Crystals and Essential oils


Get $15.00 OFF when you purchase any four bottles. Choose all four the same or mix and match. Great for those seeking an alternative to strong chemical perfumes and body sprays. Makes great gifts for teachers (to calm their classroom) co workers, practitioners or stylists (between clients) before and after yoga class, before sleep or meditation, great for travelling, for college dorms and as housewarming gifts for friends and family! Buy multiples to help keep yourself and your loved ones balanced. Keep one on your nightstand to begin and end your day. Keep a bottle in your car and one on your desk to help keep your work space clear and positive. Multiple uses.

*Everyone LOVES all natural handmade gifts! Now you can give a unique uplifting gift for about $20.00 each including shipping this season! 

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Any four bottles $84.80

Essential Oils Body Sprays with Reiki Healing Crystals

ELEVATE Sprays Reviews

I have asthma and cannot burn sage it bothers me so much. I was so excited to try your Smokeless Smudge Spray. After I received it in the mail I immediately used it to clear my apt and aura of negative energy. After working at my stressful job all day I now feel grounded and calm. I will definitely be reordering! Thank you! thank you!!

-Patricia T.

I love the Elevate sprays! I just started using essential oils for the first time...I think having two babies under 2 led me to seek natural ways to find more balance. :-)  I already used your product this morning in my classroom and will be telling all my friends about it!  

p.s. I love them so much I just ordered two more as Christmas gifts!

-Amy M.

I highly recommend both the Smokeless Smudge and Manifest Sprays. After a recent traumatic event that occurred in my life I tried Elevate Sprays for clearing, protection and grounding. I was a little skeptical when I first used Lynn's spray, only to find myself feeling completely calm and regaining the light that was dimmed from inside me. I am so fortunate to have found Lynn's Elevate Sprays! 

I have since bought several bottles and have recommended her sprays to all my friends and co-workers. They are fantastic and have helped me immensely. Thank you so much Lynn!

-Walter U.

I had just moved into my new home and received a set of your sprays as a housewarming gift. I first sprayed the Smokeless Smudge in every room to clear out any residual energy and negativity especially around the doorways for protection. The aroma is so fresh and grounding. Then I used Manifest Spray in all the rooms setting the wish for a happy loving home. It now feels like a fresh clean slate for me!

-Susan D. 

I use both Manifest and Smokeless Smudge sprays. I own a salon and every morning we spray the Smokeless Smudge to clear the energy and encourage positive vibes. With the Manifest spray, we spray it and set our intention for the day. One amazing thing that happened when we used the Manifest spray was we stated out loud an outcome we had hoped for before going into a meeting, and next thing we knew after the meeting ended we had manifested exactly what we wanted!!! It was fantastic! We will absolutely be ordering more when we are out.

-Nicole M.