Join Lynn as she is divinely guided while facilitating a crystal bowl sound bath, guided meditation, group reiki, and spiritual messages to ELEVATE your mind, body and spirit. This is truly a uplifting experience to assist in unblocking every area of your life! 

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'Sound Bath Event' or to bring her services to your employees/retreats/conferences. (for groups of 10 - 100+.)


~ SOUND BATH Event w/ Guided Meditation ~


Sound is the one thing that connects all living things. Sound is energy that is comprised of vibration and frequency just as Reiki is a specific set of frequencies that can actually be measured. As I play the crystal bowls they emit beautiful deeply healing sacred tones while I also facilitate Reiki Energy to all whether during a 1:1 session or group event. The bowls are a tool I use to open chakras and raise the vibration of the energy field. During group events; a guided chakra meditation or soul retrieval are facilitated.


Cymatics = the effect that sound and vibration have on physical matter. This is the next "wave" in health care. Energy Entrainment occurs when two things are synchronized by a common vibration and brought into harmonic resonance. Bodies that are out of tune/balance can experience dis-ease, sacred sound and Reiki help to put the body back into harmonic balance. 


*Pictured above is Lynn's most recent  Sound Bath Event. Her bowls are made of nearly 100% quartz crystal. There is a bowl to represent each of the 7 main chakras (energy centers of the body) and their specific tone. Each bowl emits a different tone at the frequency of 432Hz which is the same frequency found in nature. I facilitate a guided meditation for each of the 7 chakras to unblock and balance out the energy field..


Lynn incorporates her 'ELEVATE Body and Aura Sprays' into her sessions and events which combine 100% organic essential oils with genuine crystals and reiki energy.  She diffuses these sprays throughout the space to provide subtle yet relaxing aromatherapy. 


Being a Shaman, *Only at specific events Lynn includes group soul retrievals. Soul loss is a built in survival mechanism where the soul sends off a piece of its pure essence to avoid feeling the full impact of a trauma. The results are deeply healing when a soul piece is returned. It raises your overall vibration, brings back your personal power and can make you feel whole again.   

Lynn sees her Elevate events as a means of bringing deeper healing to wider range of people.

Lynn sees her Sound Bath Events as a means of bringing more healing to larger masses of people. Her mission is to bring awareness to your energy body and to assist in putting you into energetic alignment to effect healing of your mind, body and spirit enabling you to live your best life!  *Lynn follows divine guidance during her sessions and events for the highest and greatest good.

Crystal bowl Sound healing is used in both 1:1 and group events

Contact me today to book your Sound Bath Event. These relaxing sound massage experiences are perfect for retreats, R&R weekends, bridal parties, corporate members, or just as a relaxing event to offer at your hotel or spa, birthday or anniversary celebrations.