Are you an Empath?

Being an EMPATH can be debilitating. You could experience any or all of these...

  • You are a highly sensitive person.
  • You feel that being so sensitive is a burden.
  • You feel drained, fatigued and stressed around other people/crowds.
  • You feel a deep need to help/heal others. You are a peace maker.
  • You are highly intuitive and possess a deep knowing about people and animals. 
  • You can usually tell when people are lying and read what isn't being "said."
  • You feel repelled by violence in movies, conflict, the news, loud noises etc.
  • You feel a strong connection/respect for nature, animals and pets are a must. 
  • Can be highly creative, such as an artist, stylist, writer, musician, dancer, etc.
  • You attract energy vampires/narcissists and broken people. 
  • You may have been preyed upon sexually or physically/emotionally abused.
  • You require a lot of alone time to recharge your energy field. 
  • Strangers open up to you easily and you can become a dumping ground for other people's issues and negative emotions. 
  • You are a great listener and listen with your whole body.
  • You struggle with putting up and maintaining healthy boundaries. 
  • You may feel physical symptoms of what others are going through.
  • Tend to fold arms, angle your body away when talking to people to protect yourself from taking anything on.
  • It's difficult for you to keep yourself cleared, protected and filled up. 
  • Can be prone to anxiety, panic attacks, depression. Tend to put your needs last.
  • Can be co-dependent and become ungrounded easily.
  • May have high sensitivities to chemicals, food allergies or auto-immune disorders.
  • Can gain weight to unconsciously insulate/protect yourself.
  • You do not feel you are on your true path no matter how hard you try to manifest.


Signs you are an EMPOWERED Empath

I teach an 'EMPOWERED EMPATH' class with tools to embrace your gift, protect and empower yourself.

  • You are a highly sensitive person. 
  • You understand that being an Empath is a sensory GIFT!
  • You feel energized at the end of the day and can recognize the difference between feeling normal physical fatigue and emotionally drained from others. 
  • You set clear healthy boundaries and can block out negative, toxic people.
  • You do not feel guilty when saying no.
  • You have healed your past traumas and now have the ability to embrace your healing powers to help others. 
  • You know how to fill yourself up and do it regularly.
  • You are now better able to handle stress.
  • You earn a living doing something that feeds your soul.
  • You make yourself a priority and do things you love.
  • You can truly enjoy group outings and can focus more clearly.
  • You clear and protect your aura regularly and cast our negativity while still being able to access your Empathic gifts.
  • You connect to your intuition easily and know how to stay grounded in your power. 
  • You are very intune with our OWN thoughts and feelings and can distinguish yours from those of others.
  • If you pick up on info or pain from others you know how to assist them, release it and detach.
  • While speaking with people you can stand face to face, with open body language and feel grounded.
  • You enjoy peaceful, balanced relationships.
  • You are a healthy weight and are no longer numbing your feelings with food, drugs or alcohol. You know how to keep yourself physically healthy. 
  • You are a powerful manifestor and radiate boundless love.

Being an EMPATH is different than the normal emotion of showing empathy. Empaths FEEL what the other person, animal, plant or earth is feeling as opposed to just identifying with what someone is going through and showing them compassion. There is a spectrum as to how EMPATHIC you are, it runs from partially, moderately, to full blown EMPATH! I have found through my work with clients that the level of your sensitivity is directly related to how many of the above symptoms you are experiencing and how EMPOWERED or DEBILITATED you feel. 



Most recent Empath Class review

Danielle P.

 Lynn has such wonderful energy and is so sweet. I hope to learn to emulate her energy through practices she taught at the Empath Workshop/class. My friend and I came from CT just for her workshop and it was so worth it! I highly recommend going to her! I’d love to go back for readings and energy healing💛 I bought manifest and smokeless smudge. I used the smudge spray on the Airbnb we stayed at to clear the energy of previous guests and sprayed manifest before we left for a good day! 💓So happy I bought them, I haven’t found anything like them anywhere since her sprays also have crystals in them and are reiki charged.